Wixárika Artisans Collaborate to Design Tequila Bottles

By Valeria Amaral

A careful craftsmanship gave life to a limited collection of 1,200 Don Julio 1942 Tequila bottles. Each bottle was meticulously woven by artisans from the Wixárika community. A collection of 1,200 bottles with the same design were created, the product of an initiative carried out in collaboration with “Ensamble Artesano”, —a platform that strives to guarantee a fair income for families and communities of artisans— that works along side with Kuu. According to those involved in the project, “in this way it seeks to represent wisdom and connection with the spirit.” To do this, the design highlights spirals and stars that give voice to all the intertwined dreams that inspire us to move forward; Grecas, which symbolize the union with the community, and the earth as the center of everything, where the essence of society and Mexico as a whole emerges. Several hands and hours of work had to be involved in the process to create more than a thousand bottles. The artisans who worked on these pieces originate from the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. The collection “TDJ 1942 ‘I take off my hat for Mexico’ limited edition, Wixárika art”—is the result of a selection of baked agaves, cooked in traditional clay ovens. With this, it fuses flavor notes of roasted agave, vanilla, tropical fruits, cinnamon and a touch of spices. In this way, those who own one of the bottles will have a piece with a sublime tequila and, at the same time, the product of years of tradition made by Mexican artisans from the Wixárika community.


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