Use Your Purchasing Power to Help Others

By Valeria Amaral

The fashion industry for centuries has had a profound effect on the expression of its wearers and makers. Fashion has presented communities and their cultures with the ability to showcase a wide range of artistic talent and human experiences. Fashion has become a beautiful form of wearable art over the years. But as technology has advanced and the world began to move in the direction of “fast fashion” as a result we have lost much of the craftsmanship and story behind the art.

In today’s culture of fast fashion, the low-cost, low-quality making of clothing and jewelry has become a very harmful trend. For many reasons, such as the millions people and children that work in unhealthy and unethical conditions, the amount of pollution these factories produce, as well the insurmountable waste of water.


Ultimately, fast fashion comes at a cost much greater than the attractive low price point. With the growing demand of shorter production time and cheaper products, the industry is exploiting labor and resources to achieve these demands. In essence, an art form that is meant to connect people together is being weakened and putting a strain on our planet. 

However, there are ways we can stop the devastating human and environmental costs that fast fashion has had. In taking a stand against unsustainable fashion, we must see ethical fashion as sustainable fashion.  By investing in better quality, ethically-made fashion products including jewelry, consumers can participate in a global movement towards slowing down fashion and helping others.

Kuu Artisan
Wixarika Artisan

This is why at Kuu we are dedicated to continue to produce our jewelry with a socially conscious standard. By doing so we are creating a timeless brand that reflects the artists who design and create these long-lasting pieces. The craftsmanship of these products are made to stand the test of time. By choosing slow fashion, we refuse to perpetuate the unethical treatment of factory workers, whose liberties and design abilities are drastically limited. Our brand reflects the belief that all of the artisans we work with should be treated with equal rights and opportunities. A belief that suggests buying fewer, better-quality products is not only a better fashion and lifestyle choice, but a morally sound one as well.

In supporting our brand with your purchase, you’re not only serving to aid and invest in the Wixarika indigenous communities, but you’re also supporting business practices that should be adapted by others in the industry as well.


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