Delicacy and elegance that convey the secrets of a tradition.

01 aretes cadena platino oro
03 aretes 1aro gris platino oro kuu
03 aretes red plata platino kuu
Chain Earrings Kawi 1
Hoop Earrings Xewi 3
Net Earrings Wipi 3
aretes tres aros

Three-looped hoop earrings

Two-looped hoop earrings

aretes dos aros
aretes un aro 3pzas

Hoop earrings

Net earrings

aretes red
aretes cadena

Open-weave Chain earrings

Link earrings

aretes engarce
aretes broquel

Stud earrings

Woven earrings

aretes tejidos

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