Delicacy and elegance that convey the secrets of a tradition.

01 aretes cadena platino oro
03 aretes 1aro gris platino oro kuu
03 aretes red plata platino kuu
001 aretes kuu cadena oro platino
003 aretes kuu hewi oro platino cristal gris
003 aretes kuu red wipi plata platino
aretes tres aros

Three-looped hoop earrings

Two-looped hoop earrings

aretes dos aros
aretes un aro 3pzas

Hoop earrings

Net earrings

aretes red
aretes cadena

Open-weave Chain earrings

Link earrings

aretes engarce
aretes broquel

Stud earrings

Woven earrings

aretes tejidos

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