Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

By Valeria Amaral

Hispanic Heritage Month—spanning from September 15 to October 15—is the perfect time to amplify Hispanic owned brands! Hispanic Heritage Month is a time when we come together and celebrate all the traditions and values that make us, uniquely us. Kuu is a proud Mexican brand. Our pieces represent the pinnacle of Wixárika art. All of our jewelry is handmade by Wixarika artisans that live in the state of Jalisco. 

Thanks to the quality of our raw materials, we managed to merge an ancient tradition, in contemporary pieces that enhance one of the purest cultures in Mexico. By valuing and respecting the work of our craftsmen, we value and respect our country and our roots. Hispanic Heritage Month highlights these values in our brand and in many other hispanic owned brands. Make a difference this month and help support a Hispanic-Latino brand.


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