ARTISAN SPOTLIGHT: Meet Xutuima Carbajal

By Valeria Amaral

Meet Xutuima Carbajal, she taught herself this craftsmanship at the very early age of 10 years old. “It was very difficult but I had to put in the effort to be able to get ahead” she says. For many Wixaritari their craftsmanship has been their main source of income, and learning this skill is crucial to their ability to have financial stability. Xutuima Carbajal is one of Kuu’s partner Wixárika artisans. She is very proud of herself for all that she has accomplished and the work she has done with Kuu. She is hopeful together we will keep growing. As she is very passionate about her work, “I love the work I do” -Xutuima Carbajal.


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  • It is extremely important to have these types of testimonies from one the Wizarika’s Artisans who thaught herself this *detailed, laborious handmade, beautiful work of art* not only shows the enormous willpower they have to develop themselves, in the struggle to maintain their families but, how far can they go to succeed by learning and working on their abilities, and traditions with passion. 💕


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