ARTISAN SPOTLIGHT: Meet Xukulima Carbajal

By Valeria Amaral

Meet Xukulima Carbajal, she is one of Kuu’s partner Wixárika artisans. She taught herself the craftsmanship of making Wixarika jewelry. “It is very hard but once you complete a piece and it turns out the way you wished it is very satisfying.” she says. For many Wixaritari their pride is tide to their craftsmanship. “I believe in what I do. Through creating a piece of jewelry I embody who I am.” -Xukulima Carbajal. She is very proud of all the jewelry she has made and she says “Seeing pieces I have made on other people is incredible!” As well as many of our artisans Xukulima wishes to continue to grow and work alongside of Kuu.


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