ARTISAN SPOTLIGHT: Meet Tsik + rima Cosío

By Valeria Amaral

Meet Tsik + rima Cosío, she is one of Kuu’s partner Wixárika artisans. As a little girl she would watch her mother weave, as well as other women that were around her. The first item she ever made was a small bag. “What I enjoy most in life is artisan craftsmanship.” -Tsik + rima Cosío. Kuu has been able to provide Tsik + rima with the tools and opportunities for her to use her craftsmanship to provide a future for herself and her family. “I am very happy to be able to work doing a something that I love and am very good at.” -Tsik + rima Cosío

Tsik + rima says she is so grateful that she was born a women, and had the opportunity to learn from other women this beautiful craftsmanship that she does today that has allowed her to provide for her children. For Tsik + rima and many Wixarika women, their craftsmanship is not just a monetary tool but it is a pillar of their culture. It is extremely important for her for her children to also learn how to weave so that their culture, may continue to live on.


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